#DigitalAtlantic San Sebastian 2014

Abr 23, 2014

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Cobertura oficial del evento #DigitalAtlantic San Sebastian 2014 realizada para Ernact y Fomento de San Sebastian.

#DigitalAtlantic: “Atlantic Innovation Platforms and Smart Clusters” workshop held in San Sebastian 2014.

The Creative and Audiovisual clusters, where both digital and innovation are of huge importance, play a key role in this workshop. Tailored meetings and discussions between relevant actors and organisations will be arranged around this topic.
This workshop is part of a study to identify the Digital Agenda needs of Europe’s Atlantic Regions. It is being carried out by the ERNACT network, in cooperation with the Atlantic Forum of the Commission of the CPMR – Conference of peripheral maritime regions. #DigitalAgenda #Interreg #Europe